University Family Sunday

The University’s City Centre Campus is being taken over on Sunday 13 September by a Science Market and interactive workshops for all the family. And head to the National Media Museum for an action-packed C.S.I event.

All these events are free to attend.

University of Bradford events

11.00 - 15.00

Bradford Fringe Science Festibal

Giant Drawing Machines: Miniaturise yourself!

Venue: Atrium 'Science Market', University of Bradford

Come draw a miniature outline of your body with Giant Pantograph, a drawing machine made by mathematical artist Nick Sayers.

Find out more about Nick Sayers' artwork on Twitter, Facebook and Flickr.

The STEMporium

Venue: STEM Centre, University of Bradford

A range of exciting experiments, demos and workshops for all ages.

Paleopathology Trail

Venue: Loop trail between University of Bradford City Centre Campus and National Media Museum

Become a palaeopathologist and follow the trail around campus and down to the National Media Museam.

Discover all about our ancient human and animal ancestors and explore how crime is solved.

Solve our mystery for a chance to win an iPad!

Pop-up science

Venue: Atrium 'Science Market', University of Bradford

Experience extraordinary sensations and have engineering and technology come to life with Cambridge Science Centre's favourite exhibits including the intriguing velvet hand illusion and spectacular wind tunnel.

Come along for some hands-on fun!

Find out more on the Cambridge Science Centre website.

Interactive Wildlife Recording

Venue: Atrium 'Science Market', University of Bradford

An interactive display with giant science games and DIY technology including smartphone microscopes.

There will also be an interactive display to show that recording wildlife is real science in which anyone of any age can get involved.

Find out more on the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology website.

Explore Your Universe

Venue: Various locations around campus

Roaming physics - magnestism, particles, a salad bowl particle accelerator - now who would have thought of that?

Hands-on demonstrations and roaming science buskers to thrill and surprise.

Endocrinology - Family Stand

Venue: Atrium 'Science Market', University of Bradford

A day in the life of a person’s endocrine system - from the increase in hormone levels that signal it’s time to wake up, through the daily battle to stay awake and alert, on to what happens when you eat and then finally when you go to sleep at the end of the day.

What's the matter?

Venue: Horton Barn, University of Bradford

What’s the Matter? - A quantum comedy about love in the subatomic world.

A riotous physical comedy about the strange and wonderful world of quantum physics, featuring absurd humour, silly songs, dancing particles, and scientific slapstick.

Two physicists collide over a quantum controversy. The situation becomes charged and it is impossible to stay neutral. Are they attracted or repulsed by each other? Will the outcome be positive or negative? And who brought their cat into the laboratory?

Book your place now via Eventbrite.

Edible Engineering

Venue: Atrium 'Science Market', University of Bradford

A hands-on, interactive activity demonstrating how food science enables food manufacturers to design and make healthier foods more tasty, and tasty foods more healthy.

Marty Jopson Zap, Crackle & Pop - Dr Marty Jopson

Venue: Horton Barn, University of Bradford

Join Dr Marty Jopson, the BBC One Show’s resident scientist as he takes a sparky journey through the story of electricity.

Do you know the difference between current and voltage? With the aid of the audience, Marty will explain.

From the Ancient Greeks, through Faraday’s genius, this show aims to put the awesome back into electricity.

You may think we have electricity tamed, but are you sure?

A show chock full of demonstrations and a plucked chicken.

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Animals In Tuition display

Venue: Atrium 'Science Market', University of Bradford

An animal handling exerience including handling creatures from spiders to lizards - great fun for all the family.

Nano Science

Venue: Lower Ground Floor, Bright Building, University of Bradford

A number of exciting and engaging interactive workshops, with hands-on activities and experiments including: Nano Jelly, Nano Dirt and Nano Glow.

Maths and Medicine display

Venue: Atrium 'Science Market', University of Bradford

A set of hands-on activities and displays about maths and medicine.

A great fun way to engage children in maths and medicine and encourage future development.

Human Face Analysis

Venue: Atrium 'Science Market', University of Bradford

The science of human face analysis.

How a computer can read a person’s face and automatically interpret his/her emotions.

This talk and demonstration will have the opportunity for participants to interact with a machine and analyse their own emotions.

Molecular Model Crafting

Venue: Atrium 'Science Market', University of Bradford

The art of chemistry…practical, hands on workshops making molecular models of everyday objects and chemical elements.

Really fun and engaging 'making' sessions with the option of purchasing your artwork at the end.

Find out more on the Sciencecraft website.

Anatomage and Patient Simulator Experience

Venue: Simulation Suite, Richmond Building, University of Bradford

The use of the Simulation Theatre and the 'resident' technologies (Anatomage Table, iStan human patient simulator) to demonstrate aspects of anatomy, physiology and pharmacology – in a nutshell, what do drugs do to the body? (iStan) and hands-on demonstration of a virtual human dissection (Anatomage).

The Chemistry of Curry

World Curry Festival logo Venue: Atrium Stage, University of Bradford

An exciting demonstration from one of the World Curry Festival's top chefs and one of the University of Bradford's previous senior lecturers in Chemistry.

Come along and find out from our top chef and chemistry expert the science behind what exactly is going on when you're enjoying your curry.


Venue: Atrium 'Science Market', University of Bradford

A Human Animation workshop enabling visitors to create their own films.

Student Research Showcase

Venue: Atrium 'Science Market', University of Bradford

Pupils across Bradford are engaged in a wide range of innovative and exciting research projects.

This showcase celebrates their hard work and shares their discoveries.

It includes contributions from Nuffield Foundation placement students from a range of schools across the Bradford district.

Lots of groundbreaking and high-tech ideas will get their first public viewing - guaranteed to surprise, amaze and intrigue.

If you have a project you would like to include please let us know.

Research Aircraft Experience

Venue: Atrium 'Science Market', University of Bradford

Many of the UK’s environmental problems lie in our atmosphere so we need to be able to analyse it.

To do this we use a specially kitted out research aircraft - a flying laboratory!

We have flown with it all around the world, from 30m over the tropical pacific to 10km over the Arctic.

Climb aboard our replica aircraft and experience audio and video footage from an actual flight.

National Media Museum events

10.00 - 16.30

Crime scene police tape. C.S.I. Bradford Family Weekend

Venue: National Media Museum

Sharpen your senses at The National Media Museum as we investigate the science of crime prevention in this action-packed family event.

Pick up the trail and tail the criminals in our hands-on detective workshops.

Tackle the hackers with our cyber-crime squad.

From surveillance to cyber-security, you will soon know what it takes to crack crime.

This is CSI Bradford:  Prevent it, Investigate it, Solve it!